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Paul Kent Legal Training extends online tutorials

Paul Kent Legal Training is extending its real time online tutorials by adding the Online Learning Package (‘OLP’) * to the many other study options it has always offered. The OLP is designed to ensure that all of our candidates receive as much personal tuition as possible in preparing to pass the OLQE 2019. **

We have also increased the flexibility of the study options, in particular by permitting candidates to combine individual Heads in the OLP. For instance, Head I (Conveyancing) and Head VI (Hong Kong Constitutional Law), Head I and Head IV (Accounts and Professional Conduct), Head II (Civil and Criminal Procedure) and Head IV. In addition, candidates may register for a single subject.

Benefits of the OLP

The OLP has significant advantages for busy lawyers and their firms, including:

  • Ability to study in any location – candidates do not have to attend at a specific location, and firms do not have to block off rooms.
  • Candidates will get the materials on registration, so can start studying immediately.
  • Earlier start dates for tutorials. All online tutorials commence in the first week of June, 2019. This, in itself, has many benefits including: (a) longer time to absorb the relevant law; (b) time to identify weaknesses and remedy them in time for the exam; (c) reduced stress on candidates, whose work commitments frequently make attendance in a classroom impossible; (d) more efficient time management.
  • Shorter study sessions. Each tutorial is scheduled to last 1.5 hours.
  • Convenient scheduling. Tutorials will commence at 6.30pm, which is neither too early nor too late. and end at 8.00 pm. (Candidates in different time zones should email Paul Kent at if these times are inconvenient).
  • Interactivity and visibility. Candidates can communicate simultaneously with the tutor, just as they can in face to face sessions.

Contact us for registration forms

Please email Paul Kent at for Registration Forms for the Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2019 Course.The Forms set out the fees and services, and the start dates of the online tutorials and revision sessions.

*         Please visit our website for other study options. Please note that while we have increased the study options, we have not changed our exam-focussed approach to learning, which has proved very successful over the years.

**         All candidates registered for the Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2019 Course will still have the great benefit of being able to email Paul Kent directly, at any time right up to the eve of the examination.