A pass in the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (“PCLL”) is a necessary step to admission as a Hong Kong lawyer for people who have not already qualified as a lawyer in an overseas jurisdiction. To be eligible for admission to the PCLL, an applicant must demonstrate competence in 11 Core Law Subjects:

    1. Contract
    2. Tort
    3. Constitutional Law
    4. Criminal Law
    5. Land Law
    6. Equity
    7. Civil Procedure 
    8. Criminal Procedure 
    9. Evidence 
    10. Business Associations 
    11. Commercial Law

Subjects 1 to 6 must be, and usually are, completed as part of a Bachelor of Laws degree from universities in common law jurisdictions.

The Hong Kong Conversion Examination for PCLL Admission (the PCLL Conversion Examination)

Unless an exemption is granted, prospective PCLL candidates who are not graduates of one of the 3 Hong Kong Universities offering law degrees and/or JD degrees must complete the other 5 core subjects and three top-up subjects which comprise the Hong Kong Conversion Examination for PCLL Admission to be eligible for admission to the PCLL (unless they have attended one of the 3 Hong Kong universities as a visiting “internal” student and passed the requisite examination).

The Core subjects

    • Business Associations
    • Civil Procedure
    • Criminal Procedure
    • Commercial Law 
    • Evidence

Top Up subjects

    • Hong Kong Constitutional Law
    • Hong Kong Land Law
    • Hong Kong Legal System.

The examination is controlled by the Standing Committee on Legal Education and Training, and is administered by the Conversion Examination Board Administration: www.pcea.hk.com from where you should download the latest information package.

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