The Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2022 Course



There are 5 subjects tested by written papers in the Law Society of Hong Kong’s Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (‘OLQE’) as follows:

Head I (Conveyancing);

Head II (Civil and Criminal Procedure);

Head III (Commercial and Company Law); 

Head IV (Accounts and Professional Conduct); and

Head VI (Hong Kong Constitutional Law).

*          Unless an exemption is granted by the Law Society of Hong Kong, lawyers admitted in a non-common law jurisdiction must take an oral examination – Head V (Principles of Common Law). 

Please email for the Head V package.  (Note: lawyers admitted in a common law jurisdiction do not have to take Head V).

Paul Kent Legal Training provides tuition in all 5 subjects. There are 3 standard learning packages. Choose the one that suits you best.

1.                     Virtual Learning Package (‘VLP’)

The VLP provides live online tutorials and revision sessions in all 5 Heads of the Exam. The tutor hosts meetings in a virtual classroom using a web-based application.

Register for the VLP and you can participate by asking questions or joining in discussions during the classes, either by using a chat function, or a video link.

In each subject, there are 13 x 2 hours of tutorials (26 hours), 3 x 2 hours of revision (6 hours), and 1 x 2 hours (2 hours) of feedback on the Mock Exam.

Audio recordings are made of each live session, so that attendees may review the live sessions at any time after the sessions have taken place.

VLP Class Schedule.


1 subject	-	HK$14,000 per person
2 subjects	-	HK$25,200 per person (10% discount)
3 subjects	-	HK$35,700 per person (15% discount)
4 subjects	-	HK$44,800 per person (20% discount)
5 subjects	-	HK$52,500 per person (25% discount)

(Please send an email to for group discounts)

2.                     E-Learning Package (‘ELP’)

Like the VLP, the ELP is a form of remote learning in all 5 subjects. The main difference is that if you register for the ELP you don’t join the live online tutorials (although you can join the live online revision sessions if you wish).

It is important to stress that the ELP is not self-study, in the sense that you are left to study entirely on your own. In the ELP, you may participate in individual discussions with Paul Kent via email, or in a specially arranged Webex tutorial (if time permits). These discussions may take place before or after the live online sessions.

ELP candidates may join the live online Revision Sessions at no additional cost.


1 subject	-	HK$11,000 per person
2 subjects	-	HK$19,800 per person (10% discount)
3 subjects	-	HK$28,050 per person (15% discount)
4 subjects	-	HK$35,200 per person (20% discount)
5 subjects	-	HK$41,250 per person (25% discount)

(Please send an email to for group discounts)

3.                     Combined Learning Package (‘CLP’)

The CLP allows applicants to register for a combination of virtual learning and e-learning. For example, Head 1 (VLP) and Heads II and III (ELP); or VLP in Heads I, IV and VI, + Head II (ELP).

The CLP is not available if you register for only 1 subject.


The base fee for VLP subjects is HK$14,000 per person, per subject. The base fee for ELP subjects is HK$11,000 per person, per subject.  
2 subjects	-	10% discount on the base fee
3 subjects	-	15% discount on the base fee
4 subjects	-	20% discount on the base fee
5 subjects	-	25% discount on the base fee


(1) 	You choose VLP for Head I and Head VI, and ELP for Head IV – the total base fee is HK$39,000 (HK$28,000 for Heads I and VI and HK$11,000 for Head IV) – the discounted fee for the 3 subjects is HK$33,150 (i.e.15% of HK$39,000).

(2)	You choose VLP for Head I and ELP for Head VI and Head III (the discounted fee is HK$30,600).
(Please send an email to for group discounts or if you need help to determine the discounted fee). 


All registrants: 

(a)       will receive soft copies of study materials as follows: 

            (i)        File 1, which sets out the core principles in each subject; 

            (ii)       File 2, which sets out a large number of questions with suggested solutions; 

            (iii)      Other relevant information, including Ordinances, which may be combined to form a separate File or be kept as separate files; 

            (iv)      specially crafted mock examination in each subject;

(v) Feedback on the mock exam, including individual comments on answers to mock exams; and

            (vi)       Updates.

(b)       may contact Paul Kent any time via email, or through specially arranged Webex sessions (time permitting); 

(c)        may listen to and/or download audio recordings of the live sessions.


Download Registration Forms

Virtual Learning Package

E-Learning Package

Combined Learning Package

Return the signed form

Complete and sign the form for the package of your choice, and return it to us as directed in the forms.


We advise candidates to start studying as soon as possible. The syllabuses are large, and the exams are tough. You need to be very familiar with Hong Kong Law to pass any subject in the OLQE. It is not advisable to wait until the Law Society of Hong Kong (“LSHK”) confirms that you are eligible to sit the exam.


(b) if the LSHK decides you are exempt from sitting a particular Head, PKLT will offer you a full refund of any payment you may have made to receive tuition for that Head. In any other case, you should send an email to Paul Kent at for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

For the avoidance of doubt, the above policies do not apply to Head V (the oral examination for non-common lawyers). This is because no fee is payable for Head V unless, and until, the LSHK confirms that a candidate is eligible to sit the Head V exam.


The RP consists of 8-hours of revision, which includes 2 hours of feedback on the mock examination.

Fee: HK$4000 per person per subject (discounts for more than 1 subject).


Contact us if you need any further information to decide whether to register for any of Paul Kent Legal Training’s Learning packages, or if you are interested in a tailored package.