The Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2021 Course

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Register for the OLP and you will receive:

  • high quality, personal, tutoring
  • unrivalled guidance on learning as you study
  • soft copies of study materials, including principles and cases, Q & As * and other relevant information including Ordinances
  • 26 hours of live online tutorials in each subject, commencing on Monday May 31, 2021; all live sessions start at 6.30 pm and are scheduled to end at 8.30 Hong Kong time [Candidates in time zones should send an email to for other arrangements (if available)]
  • 6 hours of live online revision sessions in each subject, commencing 1 week after the end of the online tutorials
  • mock exam (each subject has a take-home exam, which will be sent to candidates well in advance of the actual exam to permit time for submitting and answers and obtaining feedback)
  • 1 x 2 hour live online class in each subject providing feedback on mock exams
  • audio recordings of all live online classes
  • individual comments on mock exam submissions
  • unlimited email contact
  • updates

*          The answers to the questions are intended to provide guidance on the structure of answers to past papers. They are NOT ‘model’ answers in the sense that they provide the only way of answering the question set. It is important to stress that, like any law examination, the examiners expect candidates to respond to issues raised by the current facts, and not merely to regurgitate answers to previous questions. The answers have been prepared by Paul Kent Legal Training. They are not official answers and should not be taken as representing the views of examiners or of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

All online classes are designed to enable candidates to reinforce knowledge and to develop problem-solving techniques necessary to pass the OLQE. They all focus on APPLICATION of law to solve typical problems arising in each subject, as tested in past examination papers and in questions prepared by PKLT.

Candidates may register for the OLP in 1 or more of the 5 written Heads in the OLQE 2021. 


The RLP provides for continued interactive contact with Paul Kent via unlimited email and, where possible, chat sessions, rather than joining the live online sessions.

However, ALL candidates get the services as for the OLP. 

Register as early as possible to absorb all the required information, and to give yourself time to develop the skills necessary to pass the examination.

Send an email NOW to Paul Kent at for:

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(2) advice on preparing applications to sit or be exempt from sitting the OLQE 2021, 

(3) tailor-made package(s),

(4) revision package(s), 

(5) refund policy, and

(6) any other information you need to decide whether to apply to sit/be exempt from sitting the OLQE 2021, and, if so, how Paul Kent Legal Training can help you to pass the exams. 

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