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Paul Kent Legal Training provides high quality personal tutoring for law students, legal practitioners, law firms, and other organisations interested in the law. We combine:

to achieve consistently high pass rates in law assessments and examinations, particularly in the Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (OLQE).


The deadline for submission of applications to sit/be exempt from sitting the OLQE 2017 is FRIDAY 12 MAY 2017. For all key dates see OLQE Timetable.


The Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (“OLQE”) is a LAW examination, and not merely a practice exam. In order to pass the OLQE, candidates must absorb large amounts of legal knowledge, use key legal skills to apply the law to answer typical examination questions, and give reasons for conclusions, citing cases, statutory provisions and relevant practical advice.

To accomplish this, candidates must become thoroughly familiar with areas of law which are almost completely new to them, such as Hong Kong Conveyancing, or which have peculiarities not encountered in their home jurisdiction.

All of this takes time. Finding the time to study is the major challenge for busy lawyers, especially given heavy and unpredictable workloads, and client demands. Please read OLQE PREPARATION:MANAGING YOUR TIME for more information on how we help you to balance workloads and the time needed for study.


Paul Kent Legal Training will again be providing tuition to prepare candidates to pass the OLQE.

Resources and Materials

If you register for the Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2017 Course you will receive the following:

  • high quality personal tutoring
  • study plan
  • unrivalled guidance on learning as you study
  • a specified number of hours of tuition, which varies depending on mode of study
  • dedicated study notes to introduce you to the subject – these must be read in advance of seminars or study sessions
  • audio recordings to explain and illustrate the law, with particular reference to key cases and statutory provisions
  • guided study to familiarise you with the subject, focussing on the APPLICATION of law to solve typical problems arising in each subject
  • revision sessions to enable you to test your knowledge and understanding and ability to write effective answers to typical examination questions
  • specifically drafted mock examinations, with individual comments on submissions
  • unlimited email contact
  • ‘drop-in’ sessions by arrangement and subject to availability
  • a selection of ‘suggested solutions’* to past examination questions
  • updates

* The ‘suggested solutions’ are intended to provide guidance on the structure of answers to past papers. They are NOT ‘model’ answers in the sense that they provide the only way of answering the question set. It is important to stress that, like any law examination, the examiners expect candidates to respond to issues raised by the current facts, and not merely to regurgitate answers to previous questions. The ‘solutions’ have been prepared by Paul Kent Legal Training. They are not official answers and should not be taken as representing the views of examiners or of the Law Society of Hong Kong.

Modes of Study

There are 4 different modes of study. The principal difference between the modes of study is in the number of class contact hours. Note, however, that whichever mode is selected, all  registered candidates:

  • study the same course,
  • receive the same course materials, intense learning support, and unlimited contact via email, and
  • receive the same amount of revision, have the opportunity to sit the Mock Examination, receive individual feedback on their answers to the mock, and get full answers to the mock questions, prepared by Mr Paul Kent.

Option 1: in-house package

The in-house package includes 20 hours of seminars, and a minimum of 6 hours of revision.

Seminars commence in the week beginning July 3, 2017. Please note, however, that the course notes should be read BEFORE the face to face sessions commence. This means that candidates should register as early as possible. Studying can begin as soon as registration is complete.

This option is for candidates who are based in Hong Kong and who can, therefore, attend classes in-house.


The in-house seminars are conducted by Mr Paul Kent in 2 subjects:

  1. Head 1, Conveyancing, and
  2. Head VI, Hong Kong Constitutional Law.


Unless otherwise agreed, the seminars will take place in the office of the registered candidates.


There are very few time slots for the face to face seminars. Time slots are reserved on a ‘first come’ first served’ basis. Early registration is essential, in view of the very limited number of places.

Option 2: ‘mixed-mode’ package

The ‘mixed-mode’ package option includes 10 hours of seminars and 6 hours of revision.

This option is primarily for candidates who prefer to study on their own, or who are unable to attend courses on a regular basis, but who would like to meet from time to time to review and revise their knowledge. The very high success rate of our distance learning candidates shows that it is not absolutely essential to attend a full course of lectures/seminars to pass the OLQE.


The in-house seminars are conducted by Mr Paul Kent in 2 subjects:

  1. Head 1, Conveyancing, and
  2. Head VI, Hong Kong Constitutional Law.


Seminars and revision sessions are offered in-house on a face to face basis, or online via Skype (subject to availability and by arrangement with Paul Kent Legal Training), or by a combination of the two.


The timing of the seminars and review sessions will be agreed with Paul Kent Legal Training on registration.

Time slots will be agreed with Paul Kent Legal Training on a ‘first come’ first served’ basis. Numbers are very limited. Early registration is desirable.

Option 3: Distance Learning Package

This is a self-study option, with a minimum of 6 hours of revision, either in-house or via Skype or a combination of the two.

Additional tuition may be provided on request, subject to availability of Mr Paul Kent.

Option 4 – Tailor-made package

Tailor-made packages by arrangement with clients (subject to availability).

Unrivalled Learning Support

All candidates will receive the same high level of learning support from Mr Paul Kent from the moment they register with Paul Kent Legal Training. No distinction is made between in-house and distance learning candidates. 

Registration Forms and Further Information

Please contact for registration forms, and/or further information on fees and timetables.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our exam-focussed approach to getting you through the OLQE. Click on OLQE for testimonials and other reasons for choosing Paul Kent Legal Training as your OLQE 2017 course provider.


In addition to the OLQE  Preparatory Course, Paul Kent Legal Training also offers:

        • tuition by Paul Kent personally for the PCLL Conversion Examination;
        • exam coaching across a range of subjects on LLB and JD programmes, including the Property Law Package;
        • legal research, including abstracting journal articles, to show you how to critically analyze or evaluate;
        • marking and review service which provides in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of answers to legal questions, and demonstrates how to improve such answers to gain better marks; and
        • a complimentary review service for those candidates who have previously failed the OLQE with other course providers.


A web page can only say so much. Before you decide to register for The Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE Course, or for any of our other exam coaching services, we invite you to visit other pages on our website to find out more about how we can help you. Please email for a quick response to any questions you may have about how Paul Kent Legal Training can help you. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day.