About Paul Kent

Paul Kent is an expert law tutor who achieves excellent results in law exams. Why? He is an excellent teacher; his OLQE course is first class; he organizes the law on a need to know basis; he is extremely approachable, accessible in person or online, user friendly, flexible, and efficient.  These are not Paul’s words, they are some of the views expressed by our clients. More testimonials.

In 2024, Paul will celebrate 50 years as a law teacher, having taught a significant number of different subjects. He has taught law in universities in England, Nijmegen, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia, and has provided CLE and CPD courses to practitioners across a wide variety of professions.

Paul is a former consultant in teaching and learning and assessment at The University of Hong Kong’s School of Professional and Continuing Education.

Paul wrote the first book on Building Management in Hong Kong (with Malcolm Merry and Megan Walters in 2002); and in 2004 co-edited (with William Seabrooke and Hebe How) the first book on International Real Estate using an Institutional Approach to enable investors to identify critical institutional risks before investing in real estate in unfamiliar jurisdictions.

Paul has been teaching the Law Society of Hong Kong’s Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (OLQE) since 1999. The OLQE is the primary route for overseas and foreign lawyers to be admitted as a Hong Kong solicitor.

In addition to teaching law, Paul is a highly experienced legal examiner. He was a Panel Convenor and Examiner for the OLQE from 2002 until 2004. Paul was also an examiner for Paper II of the Hong Kong Bar Association’s Qualification Examination (BQE) in 2004 and 2007. The BQE is primarily for overseas and foreign counsel who wish to be called to the Bar in Hong Kong. Paul also provides legal training consultancy services by arrangement.

Given his broad and varied experience, Paul Kent is well-placed to design and deliver efficient and effective legal courses.

Email Paul on psk@pskent.com to arrange tuition tailored to your needs and availability.