Paul Kent’s Testimonials

I took Paul Kent’s remote course and passed all five written heads of OLQE and the oral examination on my first attempt.  The course is a perfect fit for those who are only available to study remotely: the lectures and materials are easy to navigate, and they provide a concise summary of voluminous academic textbooks – this is priceless for those who are working full-time.  Most importantly, Paul provides individual guidance throughout the course tailored to your professional legal background and time zone.  He knows exactly what the examiners expect to see in your answers and gives various practical tips on how to address certain questions and manage your time during the exam.  You simply cannot fail if you are thoroughly familiar with the invaluable Q & As and do a few mock exams elaborated by Paul.

Grigory Marinichev, 2023, admitted in a non-common law jurisdiction

“I was elated to have passed all 5 heads of the OLQE in one sitting, thanks to Paul Kent at Paul Kent Legal Training. Paul’s materials and recordings were very useful. All the notes were well categorised into various strategic booklets so I could locate the information effectively when needed. From technical legal knowledge to tactical exam skills, Paul helped a great deal in building our understanding and clearing doubts commonly faced by students. Paul remained responsive to email queries throughout the course. Paul stayed up-to-date with legal development and made sure students were supplied with the latest cases. I could feel his passion and experience when learning from him too — 10/10 recommended!”

Saleisha Cheng 2022

“The difference between a pass and fail on the OLQE is very small. Paul Kent’s mock exams, practice questions and answers, and audios are what pushed me over the edge to pass Heads I, II, III, IV and VI on the first try while working full-time. Only doing the reading is not enough. Taking this course provides you with a solid foundation based on the success of other test takers, as well as proven OLQE-taking methods.” 

Meredith, NY Registered Attorney, 2022

“I passed all 5 Heads of the 2021 OLQE in one attempt thanks to Paul Kent’s excellent support and guidance. The materials compiled by Paul covered all areas of the syllabus in detail, containing cases and legislation, and questions and answers to each section. Paul keeps abreast of legislative changes and new case law so as to prepare candidates for questions on contemporary issues. 
The online classes were particularly helpful, as Paul provides useful tips regarding exam time management, how to identify the question set and how to approach writing answers to questions with long and complicated narratives. 
The mock exams were crucial, in that they simulated the exam environment which entails limited time and writing answers by hand. The mock exam feedback sessions highlighted weaknesses to focus on during revision. 
The online audio files of lectures proved a helpful way to revisit difficult subjects, and Paul was always available to explain tricky concepts. I cannot recommend Paul Kent Legal Training highly enough.”

Martinus Steyn, 2021

“I passed all 5 heads in one go simply by following Paul’s programme. The tutorials were carefully designed and well paced; the mock exams were extremely helpful and so were the comments. Would definitely recommend him to anyone who wishes to pass the OLQE.”

H Zhou, in-house lawyer, 2020

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Jack Hon, Debevoise & Plimpton, 2020

“I passed the OLQE thanks to Paul Kent’s great learning material exclusively designed for passing law exams. Paul Kent offers recorded online classes so I could attend the classes online at the scheduled time or listen to them later to best fit my tight work schedule. I learned very useful and effective techniques for answering exam questions.”

Feifei Yu, Registered Foreign Lawyer in a Magic Circle Firm, 2019

“Preparing for 5 Heads for the OLQE simultaneously while working “normal” hours as a lawyer can be quite challenging.  Paul’s curriculum starts early to ensure sufficient time for preparation.  His materials are refined based on prior years of exams and helped me focus on the most important subjects in each Head.  Paul’s mock exams provide valuable training for time management during the exams, which I consider a crucial skill for passing.  Paul is also extremely responsive and patient in answering various questions during the entire process.  I passed all 5 Heads in my first attempt, and undoubtedly without Paul’s help I could not have done it.  I highly recommend his tutorials for OLQE preparation.”

“I decided to take on the challenge of sitting all five written heads of the OLQE in 2019, and am glad I decided to go with Paul Kent Legal Training in helping me prepare for the exams. Paul’s online-tuition sessions and availability of recordings have allowed me to revise and prepare in my own time, and I truly appreciated Paul’s responsiveness when contacted over email. In particular, Paul’s mock exams and availability in the run-up to the exam period, when every email and question was promptly answered, were extremely helpful in enabling me to pass all five papers on my first attempt.”

Dafei Chen, Partner of Han Kun Law Offices, 2018

“I was lucky to pass six heads at the same time in 2018, but I wouldn’t be lucky without the help of my tutor Mr. Paul Kent. Paul just makes complicated things simple for you, which is perfect for busy practitioners who want to conquer the OLQE without sacrificing their professional commitments.”

Office Managing Partner of Leading Global Law Firm, 2018

“Paul’s guidance and notes are spot-on and excellent.  I strongly recommend him to any practitioner who needs to prepare for the OLQE exams under intense time pressure.”

Yemi Tépé, Partner, Morrison & Foerster, 2017 (Distance Learning Package)

“Having sat my last exam almost 20 years ago, the OLQE exams were a daunting prospect and I knew of many who had failed the Conveyancing exam (more than once…). Paul Kent had a 100% success rate with those I knew who had used him and he came highly recommended.  What sets Paul Kent aside is that he focuses on how to pass the exams and gives you a clear road-map for how to achieve it.  For a full-time practising lawyer, I did not have many spare hours to revise and found it extremely helpful to have a study plan, concise materials to study, tree diagrams for visual learning, the example questions and model answers and the recordings which helped consolidate.  It is undoubtedly tough to prepare for and pass these exams but Paul Kent makes it seem easy!”

Peter Andres, Registered Foreign Lawyer, 2017 (Full in-house package)

“Balancing work commitments and preparation for the Overseas Lawyer Qualifying Exam is a challenge.  Paul’s approach to the exam made a multi-month process manageable and never overwhelming.  His mock exams helped me focus on how to take the exam very practically.  And the materials he has prepared demonstrate his absolute command of both the subject matter and how the exam writers have written the exams.  He will get you through the exam and I can’t recommend his full course highly enough.”

Christopher Knight, Counsel, US Law Firm, 2017 (Full in-house package)

“I found Paul’s teaching style thorough and engaging.  His considerable Hong Kong-based experience means that he knows the syllabus inside out.  He is also on the ball with recent legal developments.

I was very impressed with Paul’s approach to exam technique.  From the start of the course, he is focused on achieving the desired result (passing the exam) and guiding students as to how to generate high-scoring answers to problem questions.  Knowing how to properly apply the knowledge that I had learnt meant that I felt confident and well-prepared going into the exam hall.

Paul understands the demands of busy legal practitioners with limited free time, and has designed study courses that fit within these parameters.  The ability to access the course materials in audio format was particularly helpful to me, in terms of reinforcing the written materials/one-on-one study sessions, and making the most of commuting time.  Thanks Paul!”

Senior Associate, Magic Circle Firm, 2016

“I am a senior associate at a Magic Circle firm and was asked to take the OLQE exams as soon as I arrived in HK. It had been a few years since I last undertook any academic study, but Paul’s technique-focussed approach geared the learning process towards passing the exams: the desired outcome, after all! The materials were thoroughly prepared and well organised, allowing for efficient study where time was not in abundance. Paul’s in-depth and personal knowledge of the topics ensured the classes were always interesting. I was a particular fan of the audio recordings, which helped me get through many an otherwise uneventful session on the treadmill. Overall, highly recommended.”

Mayank Vaid, in-house lawyer, 2014

“Paul sets out a very efficient strategy from the beginning of the course. He gives of his best, a whole hearted effort to help the candidate understand the subject and pass the examination. He helped me to focus on identifying key issues in problem situations and, with the individual feedback on my mock exam, I really felt I was ready for the exam. Paul has designed a highly effective course, which helped me to juggle the demands of the exam, work, and family life. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone sitting the OLQE.”

Michael Allan, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, 2014

“Paul draws on his extensive experience of preparing candidates to sit Head I to give good practical advice as to how best to tackle the syllabus and prepare effectively for the exam.  He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject, is fun to work with and successfully prepared all three of the candidates from my firm who attended his classes to pass the 2014 Head I exam.”

Sheona Campbell, Construction and Infrastructure lawyer, Hong Kong, 2014

“Paul’s approach is to get his students through the exam.  Covering the syllabus is fundamental, but Paul focusses on teaching you how to manage your time, approach the exam paper strategically and craft answers to accumulate marks.  His knowledge of the subject is fantastic and he provided support and flexibility throughout the study period.  I can’t recommend Paul highly enough.”

Adrian Barrus, Solicitor (England & Wales), Vinson & Elkins LLP, 2013

“Paul was an excellent tutor, covering the course material for the OLQE in a focused manner and providing detailed guidance and explanation where appropriate. He was very responsive to queries, whether in class or by email, and provided comprehensive study material and recordings for when I missed a class. Paul’s course greatly helped me pass the exam and I would highly recommend Paul as a tutor for the OLQE.”

Barrister-at-Law (England & Wales), 2013

“Paul Kent is a superb tutor. He knows the material he teaches inside out and he is extremely approachable. He teaches both the legal techniques and the knowledge that are required for exams. The notes that he provides are detailed yet digestible, making them perfect for the busy practitioner.”

James Shen, 2013,

“I was admitted in NSW, Australia in 2007 and am currently working at Kennedys. Paul takes a very professional and practical approach to the course.  He teaches in a very time efficient manner that focuses on answering exam type questions, which in my view is the best way to prepare students for passing the exam.”

Zhang Ying, 2013, Distance Learning Package

“I’m counsel at Fangda Partners. I passed the OLQE 2013 conveyancing exam by taking Paul’s remote learning course (having never met him in person, to this day). I listened to the lectures mostly on my commute, did some sit-down study on weekends about 6 weeks leading up to the exam, and stepped up the study in the last few days, without taking time off.  I like the fact that Paul packaged the disparate knowledge points into a manageable number of overarching themes and imposed a sense of “architecture” to the course materials.   It facilitated learning on small bits of time like I did.”

Senior Associate – UK Law Firm, 2013, Distance Learning Package

“I should not have passed the OLQE without Paul’s help and guidance.  I registered with Paul Kent Legal Training one month before the examination.  Paul’s audio recordings and materials were very clear, concise, well organized, and user-friendly.  I had not studied any conveyancing course before.  My medical condition allowed me to study only 2-3 hours or less a day.  I followed Paul’s study plan, focusing on important topics. I met Paul a few days before the exam and told him that I had just finished the materials and might not have time to review them.  Paul encouraged me to keep on studying – and I passed, even though I did not take any study leave during the preparation and even closed a deal in the afternoon after the exam.  I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Kent’s OLQE course to anyone intending to sit the OLQE.”

Aoife Keane – US Law Firm, 2012

“Paul was recommended to me through word of mouth as having an excellent track record for preparing candidates to pass the OLQE conveyancing exam. For me, having had no experience in commercial conveyancing other than a 6 month seat in commercial property as a trainee in a London firm many years ago, Paul’s course was ideal. His focus is very practical and he provides comprehensive and easily comprehensible materials designed to prepare the candidate for the types of questions they will encounter in the actual exam. He is also very flexible and will always make himself available to answer queries from his candidates, be it during tutorials or otherwise. Paul is an excellent tutor who gives total commitment to his clients. His course is ideal for candidates like me with little or no practical experience of conveyancing. I have no doubt that I would not have passed the OLQE conveyancing paper were it not for Paul’s practically focused course”.

Counsel – US Law Firm, 2012

“For anyone wishing to sit the OLQE, I would look no further than Paul.  His course is perfect for those lawyers who are juggling a busy work load against the study time needed to pass a relatively short but intense course.  His teaching sessions are short but detailed and focused around key topics.  All sessions are recorded, which I found extremely helpful when it came to revising closer to the exam.    In terms of minimising time commitment versus ensuring candidates are properly prepared, it’s about as user friendly and efficient as it gets.”

Heiner Braun, Partner – Magic Circle Firm, 2011

“Paul’s course was tremendously insightful yet always focused on the goal of achieving a ‘pass’. You just knew he would get you there.”

Sian Lewis, Eversheds, 2011

“Paul’s OLQE course is exceptionally good. The tuition, materials provided and support given by Paul throughout the course are all first class. One of the key advantages of this course is the flexibility of it, tuition sessions take place at your office and can be scheduled around your own work and home commitments and sessions are also recorded so that you can go back over topics at times that suit you. I would not hesitate to recommend this course.”

Nicholas Blackmore, Kennedys, 2011

Being an Australian technology lawyer, the prospect of an exam on Hong Kong conveyancing law was daunting. Paul provides detailed notes, model answers and, most importantly, one-on-one tutoring at times and locations convenient to you.  This means you can progress at your own pace and spend more time on the concepts you find difficult.  The result was that, after two months study, I went into the exam as well prepared to pass as I have been for any exam.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul Kent to anyone looking to pass the OLQE Head I exam.

Chad Pedersen, Partner, Horton Rhodes Lawyers, Australia, 2011

“I undertook Paul’s 2011 OLQE course as a distance candidate and was very impressed. The course notes were extremely helpful, well structured, comprehensive yet concise, and an invaluable reference during the examination, during which, time was extremely limited. I found the lectures, available on-line as audio files, to be interesting, easily digestible and a practical tool for studying for the examination as they focussed my attention on preparing to answer likely examination questions. Paul’s model answers to past examination questions, grouped according to each issue, were particularly useful. I have no hesitation in recommending his course to distance candidates and those with limited time for study.”

Peter Charlton, Managing Partner, Asia Pacific, Clifford Chance, 2010

“I haven’t taken a legal exam for about 32 years so naturally I faced the HK qualifying exam in conveyancing with some apprehension. Paul has a strong track record of getting people through the exam and was recommended to me by the firm. Paul really knows the subject and having been an examiner himself also knows what are the essentials to pass.  His written materials are really excellent and those, supplemented by a series of 2 hour sessions with him once a week plus a day off before the exam to revise, got me through at first attempt. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone facing the exam but particularly anyone with a busy schedule and limited time – you can’t pass without doing some work – but he’ll certainly be a tremendous help and be realistic about what you need to do.”

Matthew Bersani, Asia Managing Partner, Shearman & Stirling, 2010

“I thought Paul did a great job. I had very little time to prepare and he helped me focus in on the key issues. He took a sensible approach and tailored the course to suit my availability. His focus on past exams was critical to my success.”

Yash A. Rana, Partner, Chair of Hong Kong Office, Goodwin Procter LLP, 2010

“Paul’s single minded focus on preparing us for the exam, including providing prior exam questions and concise answers, were invaluable in helping us prepare for and pass Head 1 of the exam.  In addition, his flexibility in accommodating our busy travel schedule meant that we did not miss many classes. I highly recommend him.”

Brian Schwarzwalder, Partner, Ropes & Gray LLP, 2010

“Paul’s course is thorough, detailed and most importantly, practical.  He knows which topics are most likely to be tested and what the examiners are looking for in an answer, and he teaches accordingly.  The course materials were an invaluable resource in preparing for and passing the exam.”

Jeremy Cunningham, 2010

“Paul Kent’s direct style of teaching and course materials are easy to understand and highly geared towards exam technique and ultimately passing the exam. His insight as a former examiner was also invaluable. This approach combined with personal tuition organised around one’s working week offered a very flexible and attractive alternative to traditional course teaching.”

Hae-Ran Song, Counsel, Shearman & Stirling, 2010

“Paul Kent’s exam-focused teaching method and course materials are specifically designed to help busy working professionals tackle the QLQE even within a short period of time. He is extremely knowledgeable and practical, which helped to make the learning experience more interesting.  I am very grateful to Paul and would highly recommend Paul Kent Legal Training.”

Posit Laohaphan, Davis Polk & Wardwell, 2010

“Paul’s expert knowledge and practical approach to the Conveyancing exam was essential to my success in the OLQE.”

Ferish Patel, Associate, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP, 2010

“Paul Kent’s Conveyancing course proved invaluable for the OLQE. Paul has condensed an incredibly non-intuitive subject into a “here’s what you need to pass” curriculum that is perfectly-suited for lawyers juggling a full-time workload. Moreover, Paul is very patient and easily accessible outside of class. I unequivocally recommend Paul Kent Legal Training.”

“I would definitely recommend Paul’s course to any busy foreign lawyer looking to pass the OLQE.  The course notes and model answers are clear and succinct, but most of all, Paul was always very responsive and accessible at all times – including answering my last minute questions even up to 5 minutes before heading into the Exam Hall!! Thanks again Paul!!”