HONG KONG’S COURT OF FINAL APPEAL the highest court in the judicial system in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. PRECEDENTS, embody legal principles established by courts in deciding earlier cases, and are a fundamental aspect of the decision-making process in common law legal systems. THE SCALES OF JUSTICE symbolising the process of rational decision-making based upon precedent and principle which is at the heart of the common law.

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Paul Kent’s extensive experience as a law teacher;
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to achieve consistently high pass rates in law assessments and examinations.

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We use a “case-based, problem solving” approach to help you to learn and to practise the skills needed to excel in legal problem solving, in practice and in the exam room.

For our purposes, a “case” is a situation, a set of circumstances, or a state of affairs about which a client seeks help from a legal practitioner, or a narrative in a problem question in a law examination.

We combine the traditions and techniques of common law judicial decision-making and a lifetime of law teaching and assessment to show you how to identify the legal issues arising in the case, and how to respond to them by using common law reasoning.


Our Core Client Services include:

  • unrivalled guidance on learning as you study
  • direct and unlimited email contact
  • dedicated study notes in Word format, containing principles and cases relevant to the kinds of questions set by law examiners
  • updates on recent developments.

If you are admitted as a lawyer in a jurisdiction outside Hong Kong, you may become a Hong Kong lawyer by passing the Overseas lawyers Qualification Examination (“OLQE”). Paul Kent has been preparing candidates to pass the OLQE since 1999. Find out more about The Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2023 Course.

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