In order to meet the growing demand from non-common lawyers to know more about:

  • the practical relevance of the common law; and 
  • how to use common law reasoning to perform better in law examinations,

Paul Kent Legal Training has prepared a programme entitled “The Common Law – Process and Principles”. The programme has two Modules, each containing a number of Units as follows:

Unit 1 – What is the common law?

Unit 2 – How do judges decide cases?

Unit 3 – How does the common law develop?

Unit 4 – How do common law judges develop law from principle? and

Unit 5 – How do common law principles emerge when courts interpret statutes and Constitutions?

In this Module, we travel together on a voyage of discovery through decided cases, demonstrating what the common law is, and how it is made and changed by judges in adjudicating cases in common law jurisdictions. 

We use Case Studies based upon judicial decisions drawn from a wide variety of subjects including Property Law, Contract Law, Tort Law, Criminal Law, and Legal System.

In working through these Units, we ask participants to assume that they are lawyers representing a client who is a party to legal proceedings, or who wishes to accomplish a project which complies with the common law.

Module 2 – common law exam techniques

In this module we show you how to answer problem questions in law exams by using common law techniques identified in Module 1. 

We use Case Studies as the vehicle for learning. In working through them, imagine you are a judge who has to resolve a dispute between parties in dispute.

Case Study 1 – introducing a framework for answering problem questions in law examinations (the key skills framework)

Case Study 2 – analysing given facts

Case Study 3 – recognizing legal issues

Case Study 4 – analysing potentially applicable laws

Case Study 5 – applying law to the given facts so as to resolve legal issues

Case Study 6 – arguing the case

Case Study 7 – how to conclude your answer

Case Study 8 – Reflections Exercise: Reviewing the Key Skills Framework



E-Learning is a form of remote learning but it is important to stress that this E-Learning Package (“ELP”) is NOT self-study, in the sense that candidates are left to study entirely on their own. In this ELP, registrants receive 1 to 1 tuition through unlimited email contact for a period of 6 months following registration and, where time permits, through participation in live online tutorials arranged by appointment with Paul Kent Legal Training.


Soft copies of Course Notes, including detailed feedback on the Case Studies.

Downloadable audio recordings.

Unlimited email contact for a period of 6 months following registration.


HK$4000 per person, per Module (20% discount for 2 Modules).

Lawyers admitted in a non-common law jurisdiction who register for both Modules will receive a 50% discount on the fee for Head V (Principles of Common Law) in The Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2023 Course.


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