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Opening date for lodging application to sit the OLQE   Tuesday 3 April 2018
Closing date for lodging application to sit the OLQE   Friday 11 May 2018
Closing date for registration to sit the OLQE   Friday 10 August 2018
Head 1 Exam (Conveyancing)   Thursday 25 October 2018
Head VI Exam (Hong Kong Constitutional Law   Thursday 1 November 2018
Head IV Exam (Accounts and Professional Conduct)  Thursday 8 November 2018
Head II (Civil and Criminal Procedure)   Tuesday 13 November 2018
Head III (Commercial and Company Law)   Friday 16 November 2018
Head V Exam (Principles of Common Law)   Tuesday 15 January 2019
Provisional date for release of results   Wednesday 13 March 2019

Note: common lawyers do not have to sit Head V.

To sit/be exempt from sitting the OLQE 2018, all applicants must complete a prescribed form, Form A, and submit it together with supporting documents and the required fee, NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 11 MAY 2018. The Law Society may reject any late applications, without giving reasons. ACT NOW.

Contact for unofficial advice and guidance on any matter relating to the OLQE, including details of The Paul Kent Legal Training OLQE 2018 Course.