Applying to sit Hong Kong’s Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (“OLQE”) 2023


Candidates wishing to apply to sit the Law Society of Hong Kong’s Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (‘OLQE’) must complete an application form (‘Form A’) and submit it together with required supporting documents on or before a specified date (usually around mid-March), and a non-refundable fee.

In the last few years, applications to sit the exam have been rejected for a number of reasons, notably failure to provide supporting documents on time.

This means that candidates lose the application fee and must wait for another year before applying again.

The Law Society usually publishes the Information Package in early February, which means there is only about 5 weeks to get everything ready. It is virtually impossible to submit applications in time if you wait until February. 

If you are thinking about applying to sit the OLQE 2023, you must start getting the documents ready NOW.

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